Deals worth a combined USD 26 million have already taken place at the GSHK stand at this year's The Big 5 Solar (26-29 November 2017 at Dubai World Trade Centre). Variety of products and solutions on display include flexible solar panels, light tracking solar stations, and solar mounting strategies. Still to take place: CPD (continued professional development) certified Solar Talks covering 'Solar Energy Storage', 'Solar Desalination' and 'The Evolution and Prospects of Dubai's Solar PV Market'.

A combination of deals worth an estimated USD 26 million have been announced at The Big 5 Solar today by GSHK, distributor of flexible solar panels. With other large-scale displays generating a buzz, and a busy education theatre running Solar Talks throughout the day, The Big 5 Solar at Dubai World Trade Centre is the ultimate showcase of a growing photovoltaic (PV) market.

"We are a strong believer of technology for the mass and what better way to do that than having our next generation flexible solar cells at The Big 5 Solar to show to the world. In the first day alone we had completed a handout of about 700 brochures", said CEO of GSHK Naseer Sayed.

Sayed's stand is a centerpiece in The Big 5 Solar exhibition hall, with cars on display beneath a suspended GSHK logo. The two cars feature a 'solar sticker' coating to the car body, which shows no major change in aesthetics, allowing battery charging on the move and reducing the time that drivers spend waiting for their electric vehicles to charge by the wire. GSHK have so far finalized deals with clients from India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain. The brand anticipate more deals to come and Mr Sayed concludes that "we are looking to do two projects with two government entities in the Emirates."

Displaying what looks to be a fully functioning solar farm - flat photovoltaic panels, three rows deep and rotating - the Back 2 Back Distribution stand has also been drawing in crowds throughout The Big 5 Solar event this week.

"Having a product on display of this size, that is moving, is getting the attention of everyone that walks by which is great. Everyone is loving it, so far we have had customers who are very interested in integrating this system", says Yashas Mahtani Daswani - Solar Engineer at Back 2 Back Distribution, in partnership with Almaden. The solar tracking system on display is being launched at The Big 5 Solar this year, and can boast to having 30% more efficiency than traditional, fixed solar panel solutions. Daswani explains that "with a normal solar panel when you have it flat on the roof, the sun moves but the panel just stays steady. So in a normal day you have approximately 6 hours, but with this tracking system you can double the amount of hours during which you generate power."

Commenting on the traffic of visitors from the GCC to their stand, Product Development Manager of S-5! Nik Holley remarks that "PV in the region seems to be really sparked, like an exciting interest where it seems new, where everybody is trying to figure out how to become a part of it, there's a lot of excitement surrounding the solar industry here." The company specialize in fixing solar panels onto metal surfaces, and forecast that building with metal is a fundamental choice in facilitating rooftop solar. "Solar technology is developing quickly, and is providing visitors to The Big 5 Solar with a huge variety of solutions and applications." She adds, "Rooftop solar and off-grid solar solutions are extremely interesting, and it seems the next "big thing" will probably be the implementation of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) solutions in the GCC." Discussing BIPV, Sales Manager for Sunman Basem Abdullah, poses the scenario: "Let's say you built your design with traditional PV solutions, you are limited to only generating power on the roof. Now, architects are being given the free hand to use solar technology any way they want, and by mounting solar vertically you are increasing your generation capabilities." Sunman are another example of flexible solar technology on display at the event.

Still yet to speak in the Solar Talks, Chief Commercial Office for BIPVco Justin Canning looks forward to later today examining how best to use building fabric to generate energy. He tells us that "The Big 5 Solar comes at a great time for BIPV. Only now do we have the technology and commercial imperative to properly partner construction products with renewable energy production." There is still one day left to visit The Big 5 Solar and to be a part of generating a renewable future. CPD (continued professional development) certified Solar Talks covering 'Solar Energy Storage', 'Solar Desalination' and 'The Evolution and Prospects of Dubai's Solar PV Market' are still to take place. Organised by dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa, The Big 5 Solar 2017 is co-located at Dubai World Trade Centre with The Big 5 -the largest, most influential and renowned construction industry event in the Middle East.