CIGS PV maker GS Hong Kong Solar opens 40MW manufacturing plant.2013

Thin-film copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) solar cell maker GS Hong Kong Solar has officially opened its new 150,000ft2 manufacturing plant, which has a phase-1, full-production capacity of 40MW per year. GS Solar notes that it is simultaneously breaking ground on a 750kW CIGS solar field, and is commissioning a 35MW plant in China to open in autumn 2014. GS Hong Kong Solar has expanded from its former 40,000ft2 factory to the new 100,000ft2 facility and is beginning construction of its 34,000ft2 factory in Berlin, Germany. The firm notes that the addition of the two new 40MW and 35MW facilities will increase its annual capacity from 5MW. GS Solar also plans to bring an additional 100MW into production at the end of 2009, raising its total annual capacity to 175MW. “Production from this facility will help satisfy the strong demand for solar product across the world,” comments managing director Naseer Sayed. The additional plant will “help meet the 2015 goal of the government initiative of achieving solar electricity cost competitiveness with grid electricity, especially through the use of flexible CIGS thin-film technologies in building-integrated applications,” he adds. UAE.