Board of

Naseer Sayed

Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

Mr. Sayed was a Co-founding engineer of the CIGS Flexible solar cells in 1994, and commenced as a material science engineer.

George Conrad

Board Member

Mr. Conrad joined GSHK as a Board Member in June 2017. He currently serves as a Principal Partner at the Chief Information Officer Strategy…

Johnathon Demirijan

Board Member

Mr. Demirijan has served as a member of board since April 2002. Mr. having previously served as our Chief Information Officer from 2013-2018.

Pascal Benarji

Member of The Board

Mr. Benarji is a co-founder and partner of Benarji LLP, an advisory and investment firm, which specializes in developing early stage companies.

Sara Davidson

Board Member

Mrs. Davidson has served as the Professor of Nanyang Technological University since January 2012. Previously…