Solar Roof

General Details


Based on GSHK’s GSHK high efficiency Thin Film cells, the Solar Roof is the ultimate roof application of thin film. Finally all visible surface of a curved solar roof tile can be efficiently used, making it possible to get maximum yield of a tile roof. Under all circumstances.

Solar Roof has the reliable waterproofing and ventilating structures which are excellent in performance and long in-service life. During the spraying test, the multi-dimension, strong wind and waterproofing tests are carried out. We even spray water reversely under the tile. The water-proofing effect remains reliable.

The high-quality reliable MC4 connector is adopted, providing the rapid, safe and reliable connection for the Solar Roof module.


Auxiliary materials:protector & EPDM film
Illuminated surface size:(width)703 mm x(height)415 mm Square meter content:3.43 pcs/square meter
Single piece power :30 Watt
Square meter power:105 Watt
All additional side and top components available.

  • GSHK Tile TC 200 Test:to verify low and high temperature performance in the temperature environment between -40 degrees to 85 degrees.
  • GSHK Tile double 85 test:Put tile into a 85°C and 85% humidity test case to verify the heat and humidity resistance of the tile.
  • GSHK Tile HF(wet frozen)Test:In 25 degrees to 85 degrees 85% humidity environment and -40 degrees to 25 degrees without humidity environment to verify the resistance of high and low temperature performance.
  • GSHK Tile 3C certification:Verify the safety performance of tile, including shot bag test, drop ball test, heat, moisture, radiation.
  • GSHK Tile fire certification:Test fire resistance.
  • GSHK Tile anti hail Test:Simulate the size of the actual hail hit on tile to test the anti- hail performance.