Innovative nano technology

experienced engineering


Group Solar Hong Kong (GSHK) combines innovative nano technology with experienced engineering in creating photovoltaic solar cells and solar panels. 

For almost 40 years, we have been the technological innovator of the industry and set standards – from the first CIGS Flex solar cell, first flexible solar panel for the military, nano wire for cell interconnection, industrial solutions for solar modules.

The majority of CIGS solar modules produced today are based on technologies developed by GSHK.  We have expanded our expertise in nano technology to the monocrystalline solar cells and solar panels. 

As a manufacturer of high-performance mono photovoltaic cells and modules, we are using the nano technology developed by us to lead photovoltaics in the next generation.   Meaning more yield and better performance for the consumers.

Protecting the environment

GSHK aims to promote the use of solar energy by pioneering new technologies to meet the energy needs of our planet with clean resources, support a sustainable future, contribute to the world economy, and leave a livable nature to future generations.

in the next generation

GSHK, as an honest, reliable, principled, and intellectual organization, has a duty to offer solar equipment and solutions that cut across all segments of society and economy

with the ultimate objective to bring value to the table and sustain value addition to businesses while protecting the environment based on our mission of a conception that does not compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.