Beyond Expectations

Stringent internal testing

GSHK’s internal testing is up to
three times as stringent as industry standards

Meaning that when we send out our panels for certification or testing, we know they will pass. But beyond attaining a certification, we want our panels to be reliable for the lifetime of the product and perform strongly in even the most extreme environments

Third party testing

GSH products and production processes are also certified and endorsed by independent third parties

According to multiple global and regional industry standards, solidifying the fact that GSHK panels meet the highest quality standards required for a long-lasting product. GSHK panels have also been recently recognized as a premium brand solar panel manufacturer.

Protecting you from power loss

This high level of quality means GSHK panels are also leaders in avoiding power loss due to degradation (LID, PID). By choosing a quality GSHK panel with quality materials, you can be sure to generate more power  and thus earn/save more money thanks to reduced degradation.

Every GSHK panel
undergoes a detailed inspection before leaving its production site

Repeatable high quality

The stringent internal processes used by GSHK, such as RBS (GSHK Business System) and RPDM (GSHK Product Development Model), are rigidly followed to ensure that all our panels consistently have the highest quality, wherever they are installed. This repeatable high quality is synonymous with the GSHK brand.

The reliability and quality of our panels are evidenced by our claims rate – out of 4 million panels manufactured each year, less than 0.01 RMA.   GSHK Warranties reflect this strength, further supporting GSHK’s premium quality.


And in the unlikely event of a product claim, we have proven processes in place that ensure smooth, streamlined, and hassle-free handling of them.

Check out our work

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Marrakech Goes Green with GSHK