GSHK Holding and München Energieprodukte GmbH has signed a partnership agreement to better supply the African market.


Friday, November 17, 2021

Frankfurt, Germany– München Energieprodukte GmbH announced today that it has agreed to create the photovoltaics ecosystem in Morocco with GSHK Solar. The agreement entails the two companies will work together to supply the growing needs of Morocco and Africa in terms of Monocrystalline solar panels. This is aligned with GSHK’s objective of creating the ecosystem needed for photovoltaics in Morocco and Africa.


Naseer Sayed, Chairman of GSHK Holding, commented, “We have an aggressive plan to become the first true company bringing manufacturing of premier solar panels and construct the ecosystem required for photovoltaics in Africa. As a premium provider of solar panels, our new manufacturing unit will cater to markets in Africa and Europe. München Energieprodukte GmbH products have convinced us that their technology and process support will help us achieve our goals.”


About Group Solar Hong Kong (GSHK Holding Ltd.)

GSHK Holding has become a world-class holding company working in the field’s solar cells, solar modules, inverters and now in nonwoven and melt blown products. With offices in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany, and Morocco. Our client base includes corporations, businesses, and governments. By offering unique state of the art premium solar panels, GSHK has become the first and a leader in Thin Film CIGS solar cell and Monocrystalline solar panels technology in the world.


About München Energieprodukte GmbH

München Energieprodukte is one of the most innovative and reliable manufacturers in Asia and Europe. With high quality and value focused companies in the entire sector of Solar, storage, and EV chargers.

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