GSHK, a leading provider of solar products, is to market its unique flexible solar products in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. The official commencement will be on December 2010 and amongst those in attendance will be the C-level executives from many of the world’s leading solar analysts, governments and leading corporations. “We’re very excited about the prospect of providing the highest level of personalized service to our present as well as our future customers in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. By expanding our services and distribution, Group GSHK has shown its commitment to the region and to the penetration of its unique flexible solar products into this ever-growing market,” said Naseer Sayed, president of Group Solar HK

GSHK, LLC. has become a world class holding company working in the fields of solar manufacturing, communication and distribution. With offices in Hong Kong, China and in UAE GSHK’s flexible solar panel demand is growing and some refer to it as the most wanted in the developing world for the basics of everyday life. Our Client base includes corporations, businesses and governments with a wide range of fixed and mobile solar systems. By offering unique state of the art flexible solar technology, GSHK has become the leader in solar cell technology in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa. GSHK’s unique solar products would allow governments, military, homes and businesses to use state of the art equipment with reliable and efficient services to acquire electricity regardless of their location or connectivity to the city grid that is urgently needed and contributes to the growth of many countries, said Naseer Sayed.

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